1989 Brown University, Providence, R.I.
Andrew Mellon Fellowship
M.A. Portuguese and Brasilian Studies and Painting
1987 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, R.I.
Graduate-Level Independent Study in Painting 2-4/89
1984 State University of New York, Buffalo, NY
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting

Exhibitions, Public Art Installations, Interventions, Performances, Guerrilla Art, and Mixed Media.


2024 “Ouro liquido/Liquid Gold” Group exhibition at Centro Cultural Correios – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil -April/May
2023 “Carmen Einfinger” Installation at Noaddress gallery,  Summer, Reggio Emilia,  Italy*
2023 Public Art Installation –The Wall, at the Dorothy Strelsin Memorial Community Garden – Spring NYC
2023 Public Art Installation – Water Tower “Whales in the Sky” – Spring – American Red Cross, NYC
2023 Gommapane Spazio ArteYou Brought me a potato, and you expect a peach. group exhibit: Reggio Emilia, Italy – March 18, 23
2023 Theater for the New City: The Lower East Side Festival of the Arts Exhibit – Group Exhibit “OFF THE GRID – January 23
2022 Artist Talk, Remarkable Women at the Ottendorfer Library,  NYC May 7
2022 “Remarkable Women” Solo exhibit, March/May at the Ottenderfer Library, NYC
2022 “Luminary”, Iconic Women in the Arts,  Public Art panel, NYC * – March
2022 Art Projection a collaboration with the Alliance of Bowery Residents Artists and the 6th st. Ave B community Garden 
2022 Theater for the New City: The Lower East Side Festival of the Arts Exhibit.
Just Act Normal, that’s Crazy enough, January 22, NYC
2021 Theater for the New City: The Lower East Side Festival of the Arts Exhibit.
The 26 Annual LES, on view now until September 21, NYC
2020 “We the People” The Power of Voting –  Mixed Media work -Video, painting – President-Elect – Nov 
2020 “ICU Nurse”, painting selected as one of the 10 winners of the Mona Chalabi “100 New York Drawing” competition by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Displayed on digital screens at Westfield World Trade Center – November
2020  “We Are All Bowery” an Initiative by Inside Change from Within – painting “Black Lives Matter” Sponsored in part by LMCC, August 20
2020 Memorial Day – Front line 2020 – Mixed Media: paintings and video, May/20 NY NY
2020 Our Times – Mixed Media: Public Art and video April/20 NY NY
2020 Public Art – Celebrating Earth Day: The Tule Tree as the Tree of Life – Raising awareness of Climate Change during COVID19 – Bowery, Manhattan – April, 20 NY NY
2020 A call into Brian Lehrer show: “7 Day A Week Masks”.  Art Masks – March/20 NY NY
2019 Public Art Intervention,  “Shadows and Sand”, Brighton Beach, NY
2018 Public Art Intervention Performance, “Art Animal Memorial” – Provo, Utah
2018 Public Art Intervention, “A Christmas Card on 34TH street” – Manhattan, NY
2018 Public Art Installation “South Seas on the Hase” at Kunsthalle Osnabruck, Germany, August
2018 Workshop birdhouses for “Scent of Color” park. The intent to revitalize neglected neighborhoods with the participation of the Community of Gdansk. Celebrating the Contemporary Art Center, Laznia. Poland, July
2017 Public Art Intervention, “Snake, Sand, Stone and the Gods at Arches National Parks, city of  Moab, Utah December
2017 Art Residency invitation by L’Atelier des Artistes” Le Meridian Hotel, Tahiti, French Polynesia – December,  January and February.
2016 Laznia CCA – The Park “Scent of Color” to be slated for construction 2021First Prize winner in the 3rd Edition International Competition of the “Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk” – Poland*
2016 Launching of the Book:”Manual de fotografia de moda em 30 passos” Group exhibition with Fabin Albertini, Carmen Einfinger, Alvaro Seixas, Marco Antonio Portela – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – May 2016
2016 Public Art Intervention on the Spiral Jetty – “Color Homage to Robert Smithson” at the Great Salt Lake, Utah – February.*
2015 Public Art Intervention in Taipei – “Creative Aging” at the Taiwan National Museum – “The painted path at the south gate park” – November, Taipei
2015 Laznia CCA – Guest invitation to do a lecture on Public Space (Public Art Intervention)- “When is a Neighbor a Stranger” Gdansk, Oct
2013 Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center – Public Art Installation for the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library:“The path to the library”,( Buffalo and Erie County Public Library) “Dancing with Marilyn”,( Burchfield Penny Art Center) “Art in elevators”,( Tri Main Center : Buffalo Arts Studio) “Passing thru a small forest”,( Buffalo State College) “Art walk to City Hall”,( Starlight Studios) “The boomerang path”( Delaware Park)
2013/14 Guerrila Public Art Interventions
New York City
: “Bus Stop Gallery”,  “Art in Motion”, “Grab a Sketchbook”, “Art in Porta Potties”, “Adolescence on the Bowery”, “Skateboarding”, “NYC bus tour”, “Lilies in the ocean”  “The Beach Girls”
Brasil: “Sunset in Sao Paulo”, “Water Lilies in Sao Vicente
2012 Art House –  Interactive Installation “Fill in the Blanks” 2/12 Manahawkin,  NJ
2011 URS 13 – Play Ground Project” Interactive Installation “Pot Luck Community Table” in the Nan-Gang Bottle  Cap Factory, Taipei, Taiwan *
2011 NYFA, at “4heads Governors Island Art Fair” NY NY
2011 PerformanceFashion Show for Traffic Cameras NY NY*
2010 Museo San Francesco an exhibition “GUEST”- Part II –Republic of San  Marino, Italy*
2009 Museum Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea “Le Loggie” Interactive Performance “Painted Clothes”, San Marino, Italy*
2009 Contemporary New Museum, “Bowery Artists Tribute”, NY NY
2009-2013 Laznia CCA – The park “Scent of Color” is a First Prize winner in the 3rd Edition International Competition of the “Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk” –The park “Scent of Color”  at Dolna Square, is part of the Revitalization of Gdansk!
2008 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts – Eco-container Art Project Genova, Italy
07-2008 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,– Biennial Eco-container Art Festival. Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2007 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, December,
Istanbul, Turkey
2007 “CEO’s”, March 17,
2006 Beijing Times Gallery, “Chinese Group Show”
Beijing, China
2006 NY Arts Beijing Gallery, “Wild Girls” Beijing, China*
2006  The Boarding School, Carmen Einfinger*
Politecnico – Studi e Ricerche per le politiche di oggi,  Modena Italy*
Pierogi “The flat files”, Brooklyn, NY
2005 City Hall Arts and Cultural Center, “True Colors”
Lake Charles, Louisiana
2005 OHR-O’KEEFE Museum of Art, “True Colors”
Biloxi, Mississipi
2005 Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza “True Colors”
Dallas, Texas
2004 Pierogi, “Derby Cars”10th Anniversary Exhibition
Brooklyn, NY
2004 Danubiana Museum, “True Colors”
Bratislava, Slovakia
2004 National Art Gallery, “True Colors”
Tirana, Albania
2003 Galerie Lelong, “Postcards from the Edge”, Visual Aids, Benefit
2003 National Art Gallery “True Colors”, Tirana, Albania
2003 Waterfront Hall, “True Colors”
Belfast, Ireland
2003 Allierten Museum, “True Colors”
Berlin Germany
Society of the four Arts, True Colors, Palm Beach, Florida
2003 Armory Arts Center, “True Colors”
West Palm Beach, Florida
2003 UCLA/LACMA “Collection Project”
LA, California
2002 Institute of Culture and Fine Art, “Friends of Iceland
Hafnarborg, Iceland
2002 The Public Theater, “New Festival silent auction
2002 SunTrust Plaza Gallery, “True Colors”
Atlanta, Georgia
2002 Sperone Westwater, “Postcards from the Edge” Visual Aids Benefit,
2002 Cankaya Cultural Center, “True Colors”
Ankara, Turkey
2002 Topkapi Museum “True Colors”
Istanbul, Turkey
2002 Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Unity Canvas
Brooklyn NY
2002 National Arts Club “True Colors”
2002 Meridian International Center “True Colors”
Washington, DC
2002 Iowa City Public Library, “Poetry Postcards”
2001 Gedok Gallery, “The Emotional Recovery Room” *
Lubeck, Germany
2000 Star Media, “Arte Latinoamericano”
2000 NYAA, “Take Home a Nude” Silent Auction
1998  Jacqueline Rothschild Fine Art, Recent Works, NY, NY *
1993 Ridge Street Gallery, Recent Works *
1991 Nada Gallery, “A woman, a room and a dress” *
1991 Minor Injury, “Private into Public”
Brooklyn, New York
1991 Brand name damages, “Artists Unleashed”
Brooklyn, New York
1991 HCTAG, “Open Spaces”, (to benefit Eastern European artists)
1990 Totalitarian Zone Gallery, “Totalitni Zona,”
Prague, Czechoslovakia
1990 Albright-Knox Art Gallery, “Selected Works”
Buffalo, New York
1990 Barbara Schuller Gallery, “Still Life Expanded”
Buffalo, New York
1989 List Art Center, Brown University, “Roots in Brazilian Culture” *
Providence, Rhode Island
1987 Goldome Bank, “Small Works Competition”
Buffalo, New York
1985 Hallwalls, Contemporary Arts Center, Group Show
Buffalo, New York
1985 Essex Gallery, “Expressions of Bahia” *
Buffalo, New York
1984 Hallwalls, Contemporary Arts Center, Group Show
Buffalo, New York

Personal History

Born in Nottingham, England. Lived in Brasil for 17 years. Presently living in New York City for 25 years.

Publications and Reviews

2020 Artemis Journal 2020 – Inclusion of my work: “Color Homage to Robert Smithson”
Patrons: The Roanoke Arts Commission and The Taubman Museum of Art  Volume XXVII 2020
2020 Bowery Boogie – “About that Sculpture on the Bowery, and the Woman encouraging Social Distancing” Public Art, by Elie –  April 22/ 2020 NY NY
2016 – “Carmen Einfinger executes a Public Art Intervention at theGreat Salt Lake” – by Jose Villareal – NY NY – February 21st, 2016
2016 DADA, Dallas Art Dealers Association – “Carmen Einfinger executes a Public Art Intervention at the Great Salt Lake” – February 2016
2016 Daily Herald – “Provo Art Lover, NYC artist honor Utah’s Spiral Jetty” – by Karissa Neely, Provo, Utah – March 25, 2016
2016 ­– New York artist’s work pays tribute to Spiral Jetty artist – by Megan Marsden Christensen – Great Salt Lake, Utah, February 10th, 2016
2016 Laznia CCA “When is a neighbor a stranger” – catalogue written by Anieszka Kulazinska – Gdansk, Poland – 2016
2015 Abbott Pharmatheucicals – “Creativity and the Brain”Life to the fullestby Maxine Nunes – October – 2015
2013 Buffalo Arts Studio – Tri-Main elevator performance – Public Art Intervention – visiting site-specific artist – September 4
2013 Buffalo News – GUSTO – Echo Art Fair brings dozens of artists, national attention to Central Library – Sept. 5
2013 Burchfield Penney Art Center – Hosted Events – Performance is part of  Echo Art Fair – September 5
2013 The Good Neighborhood – by Parrish Gibbons
September 4 – Starlight Spotlight: “Subconscious Minds” Artwork on Walk to City Hall This Morning
2013 Bowery Boogie – Unfurling Art on the Bowery
May 16, by Elie
2011 Museo San Francesco – “Guest” – critic review: Valerio Deho: Carmen Einfinger “Expanded Painting”, critic review: Sara Ugoline: “Looking Inside”. (January 2011)
2010 Cool – Bilingual Art Magazine by Sai Morikawa “International Competition to Design Outdoor Gallery in Gdansk, Poland, (2010 Spring) Bilingual Art Magazine Cool
2010 Brasilian Times: by Gisele Ribeiro “Carmen Einfinger” – (April, 2010)
Jan, 2010 Art Knowledge News (publications online)
Absolute Arts
Design Taxi
March, 2009 Space Craft 2, More fleeting Architecture and Hideouts, by Gestalten, Italy
Oct, 2008 Susie Walsh, “Blog Archive” Carmen Einfinger, NYNY
May/June, 2008 Bora Shehu, “Return to Innocence” NY Arts Magazine
May/June, 2007 Marc Kristal, “seeCEOseen” NY Arts Magazine online NY, NY
May/June, 2007, Vol. 12 Julia Draganovic, New York
Paintings to Live In: Carmen Einfinger’s “seeCEOseen”
NY Arts Magazine
November, 2006, Vol.1 Times Art Gallery – Catalogue for The First Contemporary Art Exhibition
Beijing, China
September/October, 2006, Vol. 11 Ute Holl, New York
The Orphanage
NY Arts
March 13, 2005 Scott Cantrell, Dallas
Palette of pathos, “9-11 exhibit skirts the edges of kitsch”

The Dallas Morning News
September, 2003 Berliner Morgenpost,Berlin – “True Colors”
Die Katastrophe als Kunstwerk, Berlin
May, 2003 Elvan TeckanSahinoglu, Istanbul “True Colors” Akademist
December, 2002 Jerry Cullum, Atlanta
“America in the Wake of September 11”
The Atlanta Journal Constitution
December, 2002 Bragi Asgeirsson,Hafnarborg, Iceland, Morgunbladid
September, 2002 Basinda Guven, IstanbulMilliyet
September, 2002 Kultur, Istanbul, Cumhuriyet
Cemalettin Candir, Istanbul, Zaman
September, 2002 Muharrem Aydin, Istanbul, Hurriyet
September, 2002 Michael Cooper
“Istanbul greets Bloomberg with apples and sympathy”
The New York Times
February, 2002 Joanna Shaw Eagle, “Healingwith creative works”
The Washington Times
February, 2002 Joanna Shaw Eagle
“America’s True Spirit on display”

The Washington Times
June, 2001 Lis Kevenhorster, Germany
“Carmen Einfinger zu Gast im Gedok-Atelierhaus”

Nord Magazine
June, 2001 Ausstellungen in Juni, Germany, Nord Magazine
June 28, 2001 Von Oda Rose Oertel, Germany
“Die Einheit mit der Welt”, Lubecker Nachrichten
February, 1991 Ondrej Hejma, “Torn Velvet”, Art News
(review of Totalitarian Zone Exhibition)
December10, 1990 The Talk of the Town, “Underground”, The New Yorker
(review of Totalitarian Zone Exhibition)
December 24, 1990 Amy Spindler, “Letter fromPrague”, W
(Totalitarian Zone was mentioned)
March/April, 1990 Carmen Einfinger
Brown University Arts and Entertainment Monthly

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